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Kurt Cobain live at Pukkelpop, 1991.

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Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons, 1991.

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V great and important BB moment

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When i was young I liked to steal tapes and CDs from my parents collections and listen to them in my room on my own boombox. I would take ones that had interesting cases, ones that I’d heard my parents playing and liked, returning the ones that I didn’t care for, and hoarding the ones that I did. I attribute a lot of my musical taste today to the good taste of my parents, to the music of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, T.Rex, Nirvana, Shawn Colvin, etc. that I pilfered from my parents’ collections. 

At about age 12 I fell in love with a couple Jeff Buckley CDs (or were they tapes?) of my father’s. When he found out about my new interest, he pulled out a wrinkled, folded old Jeff Buckley poster that he’d had somewhere in the garage, a relic from who knows when. The poster was a black and white photograph of Buckley, shirt mostly unbuttoned, leaning up against the hood of a car. He looked so beautiful, so cool and serene. I was only 12, but I loved that poster. I would listen to “So Real” and stare at the photo, the first man I’d ever been deeply attracted to. I knew that he was dead, which made my attraction and affection even more haunting. He was dead. But in that photo he had been alive. I was alive, but someday I would die. I wondered if someone so beautiful would ever love me. 

That year my father moved out. I listened to “Last Goodbye” and my parents split up their music collections and I didn’t let anyone see me cry. My mom moved with my sister and me into a new house, and my poster got lost along the way. I’m not sure where it is today. 

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Traveling on only $500 each allowed us experiences that we would have missed if we had waited for “ideal” circumstances. We slept under the stars in New Mexico and stayed at the houses of total strangers in Denver. Strangers in Flagstaff let us eat at their graduation party and park rangers in Utah told us where to find free camping. New friends from the Internet bought us doughnuts in Chicago and old friends from the Internet insisted on paying for every expense in Detroit. We viewed incredible sights, met the kindest people, and made lifelong memories.

Sacrifice for your dreams; it’s worth it.


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How to tell if you live in a misogynistic, heteropatriarchal society? Do people— especially men— shame, denigrate and dehumanize (and rape, abuse, exploit, abduct and even murder) women who are or used be sex-workers, even though they— males— “love” the sex-industry?

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